Black Tea 黑茶

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What many Westerners call “black tea” is, in Chinese, red tea (紅茶, hóngchá) – the classic “regular tea”, often enjoyed with milk and/or sugar, such as Assam, Ceylon, and English Breakfast.  If this is what you’re looking for, you need to go to the Red Tea page.

Black tea (hēichá) refers to fermented tea, with its complex earthy, robust, musty, or smoky flavors – classically recommended for weight loss and flagging energy. Pu’erh is easily the most well-known black tea outside of China; often consumed for medicinal value, the taste is very complicated, but rewards the experienced tea drinker with a depth and finish that is utterly unique.

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Beginner's Pu'erh

Beginner’s Pu’erh

(China) This is a loose leaf tea that is easy to prepare at home and is an excellent introduction to the flavors associated with fermented tea, or pu’erh. Pungent, robust, full-flavored, with a bracing aftertaste – not overwhelming, a perfect first time out for those interested in learning about this type of tea.

Steeping Instructions
Temperature boiling (205°F) Weight 12 oz. water : 4.5g (2 tsp) tea
16 oz. water : 6.0g (3¼ tsp) tea
Time 6-7 minutes

Tuo Cha

Tuóchá (沱茶)

(China) Tuó (沱) refers to the classic “bird’s nest” shape of this compressed fermented tea. Noticeably dark, pungent, and robust, full-flavored with a bracing earthy aftertaste. Invigorating, rich, and strong, an affordable and enjoyable example of this very unusual type of tea. This tea is extremely energizing, having almost twice the amount of caffeine of regular red tea, and suppresses the appetite, so it is often used to combat flagging energy or to promote exercise and weight loss. I don’t recommend drinking this if you have known heart or blood pressure issues, but many swear by it as a wonderful alternative to coffee for clear-headed energy and focus for whatever you do.

Steeping Instructions
Temperature boiling (205°F) Weight for 1 cake, use 12 oz. water
(use less/more water to adjust strength)
Time 6-7 minutes

If you are thinking “this is impossible, Melange must have more black tea!”, seriously, you are looking for Red Tea.